Sherwin T Sherwin T

Welcome Sherwin T: Sherwin: I am the head of IT at a publications company and I am also the current President of NAAAP Seattle. I like to experiment with cooking with unique ingredients. I also like to be outdoors hiking, running, and playing kickball

Wilson's Smart Basketball

Amongst previous releases of Smart Golfballs, sports company Wilson, has unveiled a Smart Basketball to help up your game on the court. The product matches with your smartphone via app, and tracks how long the ball stayed in the air, points scored, and also tracks the progress of your game as you play against somebody else. It will also track gametime. The release date of the smartball is set for the holiday season 2014, just in time for when the NBA gets rolling. Right now the only information outside of the video, is an empty site that only promises a release date, and a few extra photos. Source |

Smartwatch poll Smartwatch poll

GSM Arena have just wrapped up their weekend poll regarding the favorite of smartwatches. You can still contribute, but this post is all about the watches. If you can recall. This year's CES regarded Wearable Tech as the new big thing. The last hurtle that bridges the gap between geekery with gadgets, and bringing it to the fashion world, and eventually mainstream adoption, even if nobody's buying it, it will most likely remain at the tip of all new releases. Despite all the gloom and doom spelled upon smartwatches as of late; GSMArena's Poll has quite a few lookers, and shockers. A comprehensive list of what's available. Which one did you prefer? Personally I love the Motorola Moto 360: If you want to be featured in the blog as a Pocomodel, send in a submission either here or directly on our facebook page. We're always looking for the best and the brightest of people!

Annie Zhang Annie Zhang

I am Annie, some of my friends call me Dreamboat Annie. I am an interior designer want-to-be who accidentally landed in mechanical engineering field. Though, it doesn’t give me excuses to dress sloppy. Fashion is too strong of word to describe my everyday outfit, rather leaving that to the catwalk stage, I am more leaning towards effortlessly chic style – #simple, #classic, and #elegant are what really build my closet, I like pieces that can bring out the best side of me. You are what you wear!

Bonnie Feng Bonnie Feng

Bonnie Feng is a hairstylist in Bay Area, runs a beauty salon named Fashion Code at Mountain View, provides the fashionable suggestions and images for customers.  She likes music, traveling, socialize with people, trying different foods, and learning different cultures.

Eliza Beth L Eliza Beth L

Elizabeth is a part-time marketing assistant to one of the most knowledgeable and talented salesman, Henry, at She is also the founder of IZZA, an online retailer of preeminent women's cycling apaprel; which is currently in the early stages of development. She is a pageant queen, gymaholic and sports addict, thrill seeker, gamer, and an aspiring screen and theatrical actress, and commercial/print model. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Believe in your dreams and work towards it! Follow her journey here at:

Heigo Paartalu Heigo Paartalu

Heigo Paartalu is a founder/CEO of, which is the most trusted eCommerce platform, where people can buy and sell among their friends and those who live in their neighborhoods. Heigo is an active coach/mentor for young startups and is always willing to help fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their goals. Heigo is also working together with some of the top charities to help them raise money for those who are in need of help. Also wanna to be our Poco Ambassador and have us shoutout for you and your startup? Contact us here or on Facebook Fan Page ASAP:

Titans Incoming

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been released, but there hasn’t been much information regarding the games that are available to both systems. This is due, in part, to the lack of any specific games that were developed solely on those consoles. Yet today, marks the first ever REAL next-gen launch for the Xbox One, Titanfall. The game was released to much fanfare, as Microsoft held midnight party launches in Seattle to celebrate the launch of the revolutionary shooter. The reviews have echoed the praise and the hype that has surrounded the game, ever since its unveiling in 2013. Microsoft is betting big on this game, having snagged console exclusivity seemingly without director Vince Zampanella knowing about it. The game pits you as the protector of a country, or a larger multi-governmental organization. However, the battle pits you against enemy forces, and the namesake Titans, which are large 40 ft. mechanized robots, controlled by the same soldiers joining you in combat. The game also features an innovative free-running gameplay aspect, which allows you to take quick jumps, 10-20 feet into the air, as you race from one end of the battlefield to take out your enemies. The game was created by Respawn Studios, whose developers come from the same team that created the first Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. Microsoft reacted quickly to the early buzz and snatched up the exclusive release, while also releasing a Titanfall Xbox bundle, which includes a free copy of the game, with a shiny new Xbox One. Already scoring an aggregate 87.5% from various reviews sites; Titanfall will undoubtedly be the first salvo in the ongoing “Console war” ) Not to be outdone. Another much hyped game inFamous : Second Son will soon be released on March 21st on the Playstation 4. Despite general interest of the game is much more muted, the pre-orders for the much anticipated sequel have already beaten The Last of Us, a game which was a critical and commercial success, and highly regarded as the finest achievement of the last console generation. Much of the anticipation may be due in part to the good buzz already surrounding the PS4. inFamous’s success at launch will undoubtedly be compared to how well Titanfall is to be received. ) Any of you fans are big gamers? Are you following the console war? Let us know in the comments below.

Kat Kim Kat Kim

Kat Kim is founder of the The Beauty Uprising movement and host of "The Beauty Uprising with Kat Kim Uncensored" Podcast. She is a life coach, image consultant, transformational leader, Law of Attraction teacher, co-author to Socially Smart & Savvy, as well as a PSBJ 40 Under 40 nominee. Kat says: What do I like about Pocomaru is it has classy products for a classy girl!!

Ivy Feng Ivy Feng

Ivy Feng, she has been an IT professional, an interior designer, a tourist guide,a model, a public relation specialist, a photographer and a Chinese teacher, and now, she is happy freelancer.

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