So,iPhone 6 is out! So,iPhone 6 is out!

So, iPhone 6 is out today. What is the feature do you like the most?  Until we get one in our office, we think this feature Apple payement is really cool!  What do you think?  Apple says:  "Your wallet. Without the wallet. Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card. The swiping and waiting. Now payments happen with a single touch. Apple Pay will change how you pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into the devices you have with you every day. So you can use your iPhone 6 to pay in an easy, secure, and private way."

Will Google beat iPhone 6? Will Google beat iPhone 6?

Android or still iPhone? Are you waiting for iPhone 6 too?  Let's see if Google will reallydo anything good to against iPhone 6. On Sept. 15, Google Will Make A Massive Bet Against Apple's iPhone 6 Strategy. Its new super-cheap smartphone Android One will be sent to India on Monday which will cost less than $100.  Smartphone is the must to have nowadays, who is "smart", who takes the market!  We are expecting to see more!

So, are you ready for iPhone 6? So, are you ready for iPhone 6?

So, are you ready for iPhone6? Let's see September 9th if the iPhone 6 would be really there!  What are you expectations?  Larger screen? Fast? The new look? More functions? Trendy? or... We will see...

What do you expect the most of iPhone 6? What do you expect the most of iPhone 6?

Still waiting and expecting iPhone 6? According to reports citing "inside sources" from the Apple supply chain in China, iPhone 6 will be unveiled on September 19. The rumors about iPhone 6 are still going on:  A Liquidmetal shell:  Liquidmetal components: A curved screen: Sapphire crystal screen: Optical image stabilisation:  Eye-tracking:  Near Field Communication Studio flash: Health monitors and apps:  A higher price tag: All those features sounds cool! For you, what do you expecting the most? 

Expecting iPhone 6? Expecting iPhone 6?

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 We already know iOS8 has better notification handling, widgets in the notification center, enhanced photo editing, third-party keyboards and more. Then what would the iPhone 6 like? What’s in your opinion and what are you expecting the most?  Release date?  Will it be sometime this September?  The look? A Full HD display for a much bigger screen: the 4.7-inch? The price? Will the price stay the same as iPhone 5S? Will the price increases since it has a bigger screen? Or maybe the price will be lower since Apple might want to have more market share?  Comment for your own opinions.  

Free Window Phone Weekend! Free Window Phone Weekend!

This weekend, in the US, there's a little contest for people who wander into the Microsoft store. The way you play, is that you have to submit an application on one of the Nokia smartphones at the store. If you submit, and it rings back, you win a free phone! If you win. Share with us and tell us your experience. We'd be happy to see how this entire thing works. Source | Facebook Page | Via

New Phone Features

Over the past year, there have been a number of new features introduced into mainstream phones. Sony started out by adding IP57 certification in the Xperia Z, allowing for dustproof and waterproof phones. Now, Samsung’s newest Galaxy S5, Sharp’s Aquos Xx 304SH, and even the HTC M8 have all undergone the same treatment. The iPhone 5 also introduced a new fingerprint sensor, embedded into their iconic home button. Samsung followed suit, and also included a nifty little Heartbeat monitor and Eye-tracker. As history can show; industries are full of copycats, but for those companies who are willing to make a stand, may or may not stand as individuals as the competition evolves around them. For the past year, we’ve seen innovations added to designs that conquer the environmental factors of a fallen phone into a toilet, or added security, either on the software side with the Blackphone, or with the new fingerprint sensors on phones. The question remains on what the newest innovations will come from. Since the shift from internal upgrades, either from a new CPU, or a larger screen, we’ve seen more external upgrades, like tougher materials to conquer the environments. Now that mother nature has seemingly been conquered, and security being tighter around your own personal phone, which do you prefer now? What other features do you expect to see, or want to see, in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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Wilson's Smart Basketball

Amongst previous releases of Smart Golfballs, sports company Wilson, has unveiled a Smart Basketball to help up your game on the court. The product matches with your smartphone via app, and tracks how long the ball stayed in the air, points scored, and also tracks the progress of your game as you play against somebody else. It will also track gametime. The release date of the smartball is set for the holiday season 2014, just in time for when the NBA gets rolling. Right now the only information outside of the video, is an empty site that only promises a release date, and a few extra photos. Source |

Smartwatch poll Smartwatch poll

GSM Arena have just wrapped up their weekend poll regarding the favorite of smartwatches. You can still contribute, but this post is all about the watches. If you can recall. This year's CES regarded Wearable Tech as the new big thing. The last hurtle that bridges the gap between geekery with gadgets, and bringing it to the fashion world, and eventually mainstream adoption, even if nobody's buying it, it will most likely remain at the tip of all new releases. Despite all the gloom and doom spelled upon smartwatches as of late; GSMArena's Poll has quite a few lookers, and shockers. A comprehensive list of what's available. Which one did you prefer? Personally I love the Motorola Moto 360: If you want to be featured in the blog as a Pocomodel, send in a submission either here or directly on our facebook page. We're always looking for the best and the brightest of people!

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