Aluminum Jacket C J02(iPod classic) Silver


$ 129.00
The Jacket is made of high-grade aluminum material carefully chosen in terms of strength and durability. 2.5 mm-thick aluminum ingots are scraped away by excellent processing technology so as to elaborately the form of the Jackets. This aluminum material, with higher rigidity and light weight, is the same as that used for a premium business case. With this merit, the Jacket fits comfortably in the hand of the user giving a sense of ease.The high-accuracy shot-blast processing has resulted in a matte satin-finish, making fingerprints and stains less visible. Our alumite treatment is also the key to realizing excellent strength and corrosion resistance .iPod classic is provided with a cushion sheet that is soft to the touch and has proper repulsive force. It is protected by this sheet with slip resistance, vibration absorption, and impact absorption. The Jacket has a strap hole to allow for easy use of a neck strap, a hand strap, etc. Accordingly, the user will find it convenient when using iPod classic in a unique way or according to the environment.
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